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I am an Interviewer

What can possibly make me take a long time to post a blog entry ;)?!

Busy is  the obvious answer;considering I'm still an earthian i.e not dead.

I have been busy developing software products on Kohanaphp framework.Unfortunately( or Fortunately),It  always turns out that while you are busy you always tend to loose the self,you pay little attention to your cares.

In one of these busy times,I was trying to get a solution to an imagined problem,which constituted the solution to a real world problem I was to solve.This problem reminded me of an article I read once about the type of questions you are asked if you go for an interview at Googol.

Further,I assume this question was posed at the interview and I am  the interviewer.I also assume the person comes from the clan of Rasmus Lerdorf and may just have left school with no much experience.
Write an Algorithm to Calculate two random  numbers between 1 and 1,000,000  so that the difference between them is always 355.
hint: use rand() or mt_rand() if you come from the class of Rasmus Lerdorf else use what tool you have.

What basically you are expected to give will be the possible algorithm,your method of approach of the question and not necessarily the answer since it is already given.It is like you are given the answer and you asked to reconstruct the problem.This is the industry and Not school ;).

I have always known, a problem can be solved in a million ways no matter how long or how cumbersome  the arrival may be.
The most simple ideas I always like; and In choice I consider the simplest.
My religion remains simple;If it's not simple, count me out!.

But how simple can simple be?That is philosophy!:( .Which is not simple.

But since this is my blog(  and again I'm an interviewer ;)) I'll like  the complete steps and it's just for fun forget about losing the job at Googol :).

This also turns out that this is the last blog post I will do for Livejournal ;):been here for 5 months.My time is up!.I will be moving to Blogspot( I have not been employed by Googol lol!).

I will put up my own idea once I move to Blogspot;notably after my post: The Nature of Objects in OOP.

I'll see you soon:) at the other end.

P.s.Livejournal guys.
You rock, I will miss you!.
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nice dude

hahaha nara you funny i love this post

Thanks.I am happy you like it.Did you fine the answer to the question?or you don't need the Googol Job?Lol!Cheers!


hahaha, i read it thrice, and i was lost with the algorithm issue. please don't scatter our heads. that was very impulsive.

Ah!Nevermind if you don't like to try;But it is simple...Just little thought.

getting an algorithm

Good would get an algorithm soon,

Re: getting an algorithm

Cool.I will be glad.

It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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